Roboform security question

  charlton200 23:04 08 Mar 2010

I have been using Roboform for some time now and have just realized that I can go to my roboform data folder and inside is a list of all my saved passwords and email addresses.
Why is this folder not protected? If someone steal my computer they will have access to all my passwords.

I have a passcode which I use for logging in to any roboform saved passwords but how do I protect this folder?

Thank you in advance.

  User-1229748 00:00 09 Mar 2010

don't know what operating system you are using but in your folder options have you got the default view setting? sorry if you've already looked and if it sounds like a daft question.

  User-1229748 00:11 09 Mar 2010

didn't even know what roboform was but if you scroll down on this page you may find what you need to do or to put your mind at rest click here

  BRYNIT 00:33 09 Mar 2010

The folder is not password protected the individual files are only protected with the master password if you selected this option.

When you have IE open from the roboform toolbar select logins/edit if you now click on each one from the list it will tell you if it is protected. If it is not protected you can click on the lock at the top input your master password and it will then be protected.

  charlton200 07:43 09 Mar 2010

I have looked at all that and I am protected.
The trouble is I have found a folder called roboform data that when open is full of icons which represent each saved Roboform login. If I click on each one of these it tell you my email address and password. I might not be able to log in using Roboform but I sure can login by just going to the website: and I than have all the information to login to that particular account.
This defeats the object of Roboform. I have tried deleting this folder but that just stops you logging in to anything, so It had to be restored.


  howard64 08:35 09 Mar 2010

this is a problem with most password storing progs. About the only way around it is to have the whole folder encrypted but this would place a time delay on every time you use it. This is probably worth raising on the roboform forum. I have the paid for version of both the standard and roboform to go progs and have the usb key encrypted in case I should lose it.

  rawprawn 09:34 09 Mar 2010

I know exactly what you mean, If you Lock it or encrypt it in any way Roboform cannot work. The only way round the problem I have found is I have a program called Hide Folders 2009 click here
I put the offending directory in that, and set it to Hide (Not Hide and Lock)That way at least anyone looking at your machine cannot find it without going to some trouble.

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