charlton200 13:34 26 Oct 2008

I am taking my PC into a computer shop this week for an upgrade. My worry is that I used Roboform and although its password protected, I am concerend that it is safe in the hands of an experts. They seem honest people but you never can tell.
Have I anything to worry about or are there messures I can take?

  howard64 15:00 26 Oct 2008

shame you cannot do the upgrade yourself? you could copy roboforms my data onto an external drive or usb pen and then delete it from the hard drive before you take it in. Could we ask what upgrade you are having done?

  charlton200 16:19 26 Oct 2008

I'm having the RAM upgraded.

I do have an external drive, so if I transfer roboform passwords onto it, would that be ok?

Thanks very much.

  rawprawn 16:50 26 Oct 2008

Get Acronis True Image, back up your C: drive and delete any personal information including RobForm. Then when your computer is returned Restore your ba

  rawprawn 16:51 26 Oct 2008

Sorry clicked the wrong button. Restore your backup.
(Backup to an External HDD)

  howard64 08:37 27 Oct 2008

you will be paying through the nose for someone else to do the ram upgrade which is probably the easiest upgrade to do yourself. Most cases have 2 phillips/pozi screws holding the side of the case on. Remove these and you will see the ram slots normally about 7 inches long and about 3/8 ths of an inch wide with a white clip at each end. A quick look will tell you how many sockets you have on your motherboard [you could also look in your motherboard book] Connect to and let their memory scanner connect to your pc and tell you a. what you have installed and b. what they recommend for your system. Once you get the ram modules you simply look at their physical form for cut outs along the bottom and match these to the sockets and simply press them in. The only precaution being to make sure the power supply is switched off at the wall but still connected so that the case is earthed. Then have made sure you have touched the earthed case to remove any static just plug them in.

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