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Roaming Profiles

  recap 16:04 12 Nov 2008

After setting up Windows Server 2003 as a DC, I am trying to set Roaming Profiles up now. I have created a partition for the said Profiles.

In Active Director User and Computers I have create an OU and test users accounts, set the path for the Profiles folder to the partitioned drive. I have shared the Profiles folder with Full Control for users. Created a couple of test users but they cannot create a Profile on the Server just a Temp one on a client machine.

All client machines can talk to the DC,DNS when I do a ping test. Ipconfig /all gives the correct results for the Domain.

Any suggestions as to why this is not working please, would be grately appreciated.

  recap 14:10 13 Nov 2008

All clients are joined to the Domain. Human error on this one - well me really as I was the one to set it up. The partitioned drive was not formatted to NTFS as I thought it was. That is all I can think it was, reformatted the partition and Profiles are now working.

Thanks for your time ßeta.

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