Roaming Curser

  Furkin 12:08 10 Oct 2004

Hi all,
Since installing XP S.P 2, my curser now has a mind of its own ! When i stop moving it, after just a few moments, the curser starts to move on it's own. The mouse is stationary, but the curser moves off either up/down or left/right (so far not diagonally).
any ideas please ?
many thanks

  Dorsai 12:19 10 Oct 2004

An optical rodent? A bit of fluff in the sensor?

  €dstowe 12:22 10 Oct 2004

Do you have a graphics pad? If so, where is the stylus/pen? It can happen that the stylus interacts with the mouse if left in proximity to the pad.

Another thing is some "joke" software called Crazy Mouse which will do this. You should be able to find references to this via the search feature as it's been mentioned before.

  Furkin 12:37 10 Oct 2004

Thanks lads. My system is a bog standard desktop kit,,, 'normal' mouse etc. This anomaly occurred as soon as I put in the SP pack. Up to that point, all was well !

  Forum Editor 12:44 10 Oct 2004

Wasn't that someone who traveled the countryside, swearing at people in medieval times?

Joking aside (my apologies) this may be thre result of file corruption in your mouse driver. Try removing the mouse in Control panel/system/hardware/device manager.

Then reboot. Windows will pick up the mouse as it loads, and will look for a driver. It will find a generic one and install it. If your cursor still acts up after that come back and we'll try something else.

  Furkin 14:39 10 Oct 2004

Thanks F.Ed,
tried it,,, still the same.
Whilst it's not life threatening, it is a bit niggley at times,,, especially when i actually leave the curser on something whilst looking at other screens/books etc.
Anything else please ?
(I have just noticed a Forum 'just' for XP SP 2 - I hope you won't be offended if I post this there as well)
thanks again

  shando34 15:50 10 Oct 2004

Ha ha, I have exactly the same problem. Since installing XP SP2 my optical mouse does the same. I'm also having a drama with windows explorer. It seems that XP SP2 has given me more problems than I had before installing it!!!

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