rnsa 19:39 22 May 2012

I normally have little problems with printing,except when printing a PDF file when it takes forever. Is there some reason for this ? I have just downloaded a book of 181 pages and printing it will probably take about 24 hours. Is there some other way?

  northumbria61 20:45 22 May 2012

See if there is anything here for you - enter link description here

  northumbria61 20:47 22 May 2012

If using Adobe for your PDF files then see here enter link description here

  rnsa 19:33 23 May 2012

Dear northumbria61, Thank you for your interest in my problem. I have followed up your link and downloaded a different reader sparkpdf. At this moment I haven't time to test out it's printing speed but will do so later. I will let you know the result. Thanks again, rnsa

  northumbria61 21:54 23 May 2012

There's also FOXIT enter link description here which has been suggested many times on this Forum although I can't comment as I have never used it.

  northumbria61 21:56 23 May 2012

If you type FOXIT in the search box at top right of your screen it will bring up several posts/reviews on this.

  rnsa 19:44 25 May 2012

Hello again northumbria61. As i told you earlier I followed the link you suggested and installed another reader sparkpdf. I have now tried printing from it with great success. Printed at what I would say was a normal rate for my computer. Thank you for your help. PC Advisor forum comes up trumps againn for me. Thank you northumbria61

  Strawballs 20:33 25 May 2012

Why did you use your forum name as the thread title? A brief description of the problem would be better.

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