Josquius 12:06 19 Aug 2003

What is rnaapp exactly and why does the entire computer crash when it performs a illegal operation?

  JoeC 12:09 19 Aug 2003
  Josquius 12:14 19 Aug 2003

That made little sence to me, if anything it made me more confused as it sounded pretty virussy on there. If I close it my computer crashes, thats the point, is it a major memory eater (I have been running short on resources), I don't want to go to a lot of hasstle for something that just crashed my computer once.

  xania 14:06 19 Aug 2003

Sometimes, for any one or more of a number of reasons, when a program loads, it does so incorrectly. This particular program, when this happens, causes problems which cannot be resolved without closing down and re-booting your system. To avoid being techie, simply accept this as a foible and live with it.


If it happens every time you log on, or very frequently, it identifes damaged file which you will need to repair. If you look at the end of the article (JoeC's link) you will find instructions on how to repair the file.

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