rmoving unwanted items in msconfig

  Kingfisher 13:19 05 May 2003

I have several unwanted items listed in "startup" within msconfig, i have removed programsusing add/remove programs, I have searched the registry and deleted some that I have found there but these entries still remain in msconfig. Althougu they are not causing any problems can anybody help,

  hugh-265156 13:35 05 May 2003

just untick them if they cause problems put the tick back

  sil_ver 14:00 05 May 2003

I'm sure I saw a program/method that will remove entries from the msconfig startup menu then again it might have been a deletion in the registry. Not much help I know but it might jog a few memories.

  temp003 06:56 06 May 2003

If your OS is XP, the msconfig startup tab will show the place where the registry entry is, such as HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, which is the usual place for startup items (HKLM standing for HKEY Local Machine).

If your OS is 9x, the location of the registry entries is I think not shown, and you'll have to look for them in the registry to delete from there.

Registry entries for startup items are usually at the location above, or HKEY Current User\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, or in the startup folder.

Be careful with what you delete in the registry, and back up the registry key before you delete anything.

A more convenient and safer way of removing (not just disabling) and generally managing startup items is use a startup manager, such as Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel. It's very small and easy to use.

click here

After installing it, go to Control Panel, Startup, and go through the tabs to see the startup items. To disable an item, untick it. To delete it, right click the item and select delete. Deleted items will go to the "Deleted" tab, from which you can restore the startup item. If you want to remove the item permanently, delete the item from the Deleted tab as well.

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