RJ45 Network Points in Series or Parallel?

  acvc 20:35 29 Mar 2010

Is it possible to run rj45 network sockets in series via the sockets?


Is there such a thing as an rj45 junction box to run two points in parallel fed from one feed?

First post here - please go easy I'm only an electrician.

Many thanks.

  bremner 20:39 29 Mar 2010

You need a switch like this click here

  acvc 20:45 29 Mar 2010

Thanks Bremner.

The trouble is ... the router is inside the house, the customer doesn't want me to drill through his 650mmm thick cottage wall, and there's a cable already on the outside running in to the hub.

Can I spur off it, i was wondering???? Again, it's on the outside, and to feed to a new outbuilding.

  robin_x 00:28 30 Mar 2010

You sure it is not a telephone cable coming from the "hub" to the outside?
Is it really a hub? Or a modem/router
Where does the cable go to?

If it is an RJ45 Ethernet cable, you can put another switch/router/hub at the other end, then a new ethernet cable from there to the outbuilding.

If the existing one in the house has a spare RJ45 port, disconnect the cable that goes outside, tie some gash cable to it (or string), pull through, tie new ethernet cable to it and pull back together with the cable that you have just pulled out.

Fit the RJ45 to the new cable. You will need the special crimp kit for that.

Do you see what I am getting at?

  acvc 08:58 30 Mar 2010

Thanks robinofloxley. Yeah I think I see what you mean.

It's a BT Homehub thing inside, but I'm not sure about the cable running to it up the outside wall and then into the house. I'm going there today and will do more investigating.

The original plan was to just run another ethernet cable from that hub to the new outbuilding, but the client doesn't want me to drill another hole through his wall to get to the hub.

If it turns out to be a cat5 cable on the outside .... that could be carrying the phone AND data I presume. Could I break into this cable - on the outside wall - and split it before it goes inside so that one leg of it still goes inside but the new leg runs to the outbuilding? (i.e. in parallel).

If split - how?

Sorry for basic questions - I was only electrically rewiring the outbuilding and was asked to do this as an afterthought by the guy.

  fishmad pete 09:01 30 Mar 2010

You can not run two devices in parallel. However you can daisy chain the sockets BUT only one device is to be conneted at one time on any of the sockets.
As stated above the easiest methode would be to employ a data "switch" connected to the existing output. This will have the advantage of the posibility of adding more lines at a future date.

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