RJ11 conectors

  diesel1948 23:06 12 Nov 2006

Any one help? I have just migrated from Bulldog to Pipex homecall because pipex said they could give me 6.5MB broadband where I live. Bulldog gave me 2MB, I am aware Pipex now own Bulldog. Since the changeover I have not been getting any 6.5 speeds. I was connected to a phone line extension in upstairs bedroom with a lot of wire in between so I decided to go through ceiling using 2 rj11 cables joined together with a connector, both cables being 2mtrs, 4 metres in all going direct into main phone socket. Would it be better to have one 4/5 metre cable or does it make no difference using a connector (speed wise) grateful for any advice.

  skidzy 23:10 12 Nov 2006

Why not go wireless Diesel ?

If you are going to use RJ11,i think one cable would be better.

Also,did you check that your line will take 6.5Mb ?

  diesel1948 23:29 12 Nov 2006

I am wireless skidsy but mine is the main computer so rj11 goes from router next to my computer into main telephone socket. No I did not check if my line would take 6.5, I just presumed Pipex would have checked that.

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