charliep 11:05 23 Apr 2008

I was searching the internet for a good price for Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 and came accress Riverstream.co.uk offering it for £37.73 as opposed to the standard £79.99 elsewhere or £102 from Corel.

Can anyone tell me if Riverstream is a genuine company to deal with? Any experiences with them?

  matcordell 15:31 23 Apr 2008

I have had a bad experience with this company. Product delivered rapidly, but software will not load. Telephone number is not answered (tried different times of the day), also sent email. In 48 hours no reply to email sent to customer support. I would stay away from this company

  damianh 17:19 17 Dec 2008

I saw this website advertised in Amazon so I ordered an MP4 player from this website and the problems started……

Firstly they never send me a confirmation email, so for about two days I didn’t know if they received my payment or no., so I had to chase them to get an order number.

They do not answer the phone on their website, so you have to keep trying the email address.

Finally they gave me the order number and the item did arrive.

Now the item did not work and the quality was really bad. In fact the MP3 player looks like an empty plastic shell! click here

So I ask for my £40 pounds back but their responses so far have been really poor. Example, the last response to my email was: Are you sure it’s not working?!

Anyhow, I am pretty sure I am going to loose my money. So I would recommend staying away from click here

If I ever get the money back, I’ll update this post.

  sexysally 10:37 19 Dec 2008

I bought one of those mp3 players from them and was pretty pleased with it.
I take mine to the gym with me as theyre pretty light and even bought my mum one!!!

  geoff.lowry 23:06 20 Dec 2008

ive bought from them a few times and have never had any problems with them. the customer service is done online.

i think you have to bear in mind that with internet firms e.g dabs, amazon, ebay etc.. customer support is all done online rather than over the phone, its just the way of the world these days.

  tobyroundwood 00:54 24 Dec 2008


Ive just purchased an ipod touch from amazon.co.uk however the item is faulty, the screen doesnt work properly and flashes bright white.

Does anyone know if amazon have a support phone number as ive tried to find one on their website but cant see one anywhere ?

  Alice2009 17:13 01 May 2009

I wish I'd seen this thread first.

I bought one expecting a box as per their web.
It arrived in an envelope with no invoice, not boxed and in a card sleeve, with a plastic sticky label over the edge (not a proper seal). Frankly it looked like a freebie!

I'm not sure if it's kosher. I've not opened it and contacted Corel about the serial number.

I can't afford to mess up my pc.

Wish I'd paid that bit extra and bought from Amazon! I went by the Google ad, thinking it would be ok.

  Alice2009 18:23 01 May 2009

So this is my reply from Riverstreams

"The Corel X2 paint shop pro is the oem edition which is the full version but comes without the retail box.
Its the same as the box version however it is normally sold via direct computing channels so they come from the distributors without
Is this legal?

  charliep 19:11 01 May 2009

Got the following definition from Wikipedia.
"OEM hardware is hardware packaged for computer administrator and builder use. These products are normally plain boxed and often don't come with any instructions or references provided in retail packages. Technical support for such "OEM products" is usually the responsibility of the reseller, rather than of the manufacturer. OEM hardware is also called bulk hardware."

So if you have any problems with it you will have to deal with Riverstreams and not Corel. Personaly I avoid OEM stuff unless it comes already loaded on a new computer.

  charliep 19:19 01 May 2009

For more info on OEM try this link.
click here

  Alice2009 08:02 02 May 2009

Yes, I loooked it up too.

Have passed it all onto Corel...see what they say (reply due in 4-5 working days)

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