Riva TNT Model 64 Compatibility Problem

  No idea 16:19 04 Feb 2005

Hi Folks, Summary of System
1xriva tnt 64 graphics 32mb card
1xGigabyte GA 6vx7-4X Motherboard
768Mb of SDRAM
Pentium3 @733Mhz
60GB spare Hard disk Space
Motherboard AGP support is 4x
XP Pro with all updates.
I have recently aquired Simpsons Hit and Run
Requires the following to run:-
!00% Direct x 3D Video card with 32MB and T&L support.
Does not run the game but comes up with message "could not start direct X or video card not supported."Do I need a upgrade on video ,if so suggestions welcome bearing in min my system limitations,or can i look at some other ideas of problem.
Thank you

  ACOLYTE 16:27 04 Feb 2005

I think that the problem is that your card doesnt support T&L effects so you may need a better card,but someone else may know different.

  No idea 16:30 04 Feb 2005

Thanks ACOLYTE, Im sure that is more than likely the problem ,but other ideas are welcome

  g0nvs 17:57 04 Feb 2005

ACOLYTE is spot on as usual, your Riva TNT does not support T&L, now is the time to upgrade your card.

  FelixTCat 17:59 04 Feb 2005

You don't say which version of DirectX the game requires or which version you have. If you are unning XP Pro with all the upgrades then you are running DirectX 9.0c, which is the latest.

The Riva TNT is an old card and ACOLYTE is probably right in that the card is just not capable of running the program.

Congratulations on running XP Pro on a 733 MHx processor - I bet it doesn't run very fast.

  No idea 20:36 04 Feb 2005

Hello to FeliTCat and g0nvs
Thanks for your comments,obviously my card is not up to the job,can you suggest a alternative?
Bearing in mind my system specs and how do I know what cards support T&L.
I will have to find one compatible with AGP4x and not built to *Xstandards as it will only run at half speed.
Also with regards to my system It also is dual boot for XP and ME.regular housekeeping and defrag keeps everything running fine.Yes you are right I am running DirectX 9.
Thank you Vin

  FelixTCat 23:02 04 Feb 2005

You can find a very good graphics card that will play all the current games for about £120 - £150. The latest and greatest cards cost up to £350 but, frankly, even the manufacturers don't expect to sell many. Only speed freaks really want them.

New cards with new chips come out all the time; last month's model then drops significantly in price and becomes the best buy.

You can always carry your new card over to any new computer you may buy in the fuure.

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