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  garabaldi 09:38 17 Dec 2005

Hello... ive just ripped some audio cds to mp3 then transfered them to my mp3 player although the volume is adequate its doent seem as loud as other tracks ive downloaded of the internet is there any way of improving this thanks

  ACOLYTE 11:04 17 Dec 2005

I dont think you can improve the loudness of them
unless you re-record them to make them louder and im not sure how that is done,you could improve the quality by resampling them to a higher bit rate,but i doubt this would effect the loudness.

  ashdav 11:06 17 Dec 2005
  moodboom 11:21 17 Dec 2005

ooh I'm gonna give that a try. Thanks ashdav. I use WMP's constant volume switch but even that fails on some tracks. Wonder if mp3gain will work on WMVs.

  moodboom 11:22 17 Dec 2005

oops I meant WMAs

  ashdav 11:25 17 Dec 2005

Convert to mp3 first click here

  octal 11:36 17 Dec 2005

Its sounds like the tracks you downloaded from the Internet were probably compressed, I'm not talking file compression, but audio compression. Basically what happens is that quiet sounds are increased in volume and any loud sounds are decreased, its a technique they use on AM and to a lesser extent on FM radio to make the programme material sound louder, because AM radio isn't a very efficient medium they use this to overcome the inefficiencies.

If you ripped the tracks from a CD then the audio compression won't be as great.

So the bottom line is, if you rip from CD then its more "true to life" than downloading from the Internet, which could be compressed.

Just one last comment, any form of audio compression is distortion, it depends on how much compression is used and to whether this is acceptable, too much compression on classical recordings sound terrible, whereas it would be perfectly acceptable on pop recordings.

  ashdav 11:43 17 Dec 2005

Probably true. Mp3 downloads are not consistent in quality and frankly are a bit of a rip off.

  octal 11:46 17 Dec 2005

Another good reason to go and buy the CD :-)

  Rigga 11:52 17 Dec 2005

another mp3 normalisation / loudness tool, open source.

> click here <


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