Ripping to itunes

  pgj 10:49 13 Mar 2008

I am ripping CD's using the free Exact Audio Copy (EAC) click here . Further I am using AudioShell 135 click here to tag details.

However, sometimes when I rip a folder from 'windows explorer' to itunes it acts as if it were several different albums instead of one. This is not every time. And, in fact only seems to happen where there are changes of artist in the tagging even though the album title remains the same tag.

If anyone can understand what I'm experiencing here I'd be grateful for their help.

  pgj 15:27 14 Mar 2008

It is my own collection I am Ripping to my own PC.

  john bunyan 15:59 14 Mar 2008

If it is for use in iTunes, why not use the iTunes software to rip? I ask as I help gandchildren with their iPods on my PC and I seem to have so much music software : iTunes, Roxio Creative Suite10, Creative (Soundblaster X Fi soundcard suite), Windows Digital media enhancements etc, all accumulated at different times.It seems, like with photography, that every device you buy assumes you want yet more software!

  pgj 16:48 14 Mar 2008

I am using itunes to rip from windows explorer which is where my collection is stored. The problem is how itunes is dealing with the data once it has ripped it to it's own database.

  john bunyan 17:22 14 Mar 2008

OK. I know iTunes in theory can match up tunes with artwork etc via the internet but it doesnt seem to work always. As you know in iTunes when you click on a tune in the library there is an option to get the info. It did not work for me after importing some tunes from another iPod (MP3 format, not their own format). I will be interested to see if anyone knows more...

  pgj 18:03 14 Mar 2008

I don't have a problem with the information or artwork as they are all there in my windows explorer my music folder. My problem is with the way itunes is collating this informtion within its own database. ie. instead of associating an albums collection of tracks with it's artwork just once it split the album up and logs the artwork several times as if the album was in fact several albums. I know this is not life threatening but is is untidy and annoying.


  pgj 15:08 16 Mar 2008

Pretty, pretty, pretty please help...

  john bunyan 15:24 16 Mar 2008

All I can suggest is that in Windows explorer you manually name albums you want as folders and then drag the tracks into these albums/folders. I would try it out on one album first. As you know iTunes music is in My Documents/MyMusic/iTunes/iTunes music

  pgj 15:32 16 Mar 2008

Sorry I must really not be making myself clear - dumb blond I am...

AudioShell 135, the bolt on I mention at the start of this post is soley for manually naming albums and the tracks etc.

Is there anyone other than John b (as kind as he is being) that might have an answer to this problem?

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