Ripping DVD's

  Si_L 22:53 16 Jun 2007

Is there a way to do this? I don't intend to copy, distribute, broadcast it etc. I would just like to be able to watch DVD's the way I listen to music, without the need to change disc.

Thanks :)

  eedcam 23:20 16 Jun 2007

Check your email

  Si_L 23:25 16 Jun 2007

"Hi You need to get past the copyright which for obvious reasonds causes a problem on the forum .You need something like dvd decrypter (free) to get past and rip some but not all encryptions or buy Any dvd which has not been beaten yet then you can use nero to rip"

I googled what you said and aparently last year, legilsation came into place prohibiting software that gets round the DVD encription.

I tried Nero, it didn't work

eedcam, thanks for your help but please just post the answer on the forum. I think the yellow envelope is used when invited. Thanks

  Abi-Moore 00:10 17 Jun 2007

is there a way to do this?
yes youve been informed privately ?

you could of googled to find out this without disclosing eedcams private message
I don't intend to copy, distribute, broadcast it etc. I would just like to be able to watch DVD's the way I listen to music, without the need to change disc.

it doesnt matter just grasp the word illegal

  rupie 00:32 17 Jun 2007

legally there is no way to copy and any other way will fill your hard drives very quickly or be of rubbish quality. People like me are fed up of people ripping our copyrighted material off. We could start a whole new argument about it all......

  Si_L 02:14 17 Jun 2007

I don't think its illegal to put the movie onto your pc just to watch it. Is this not the same as music CD's? You are allowed to put it onto your PC and make a backup copy.

Rupie - I pay for my movies, what I do with them after I have bought them should be my choice. I am certainly not denying the owners of their royalties.

Abi-Moore - The reason I posted the email was that it is an unwritten (or maybe even written in the rules) that the yellow envelope is to be used by invitation only, and the purpose of the thread is so people can see what others have written.

  Diversion 02:53 17 Jun 2007

If having movies stored on your hard drive is not legal, Sky Movies must be breaking the law because you can now download movies onto your computer from Sky Movies Anytime. So it looks like rupie's got a fight on his hands, as the downloads are just copies of the movies that Sky TV have. Actually the copies are very good quality, and you can convert them to AVI without the quality suffering to save space.

  €dstowe 08:28 17 Jun 2007

This has been discussed so many times previously and has provoked many arguments.

It is all very simple really.

All you need to do is read the copyright rules and restrictions on the disk insert or on the disk itself at the start of it playing.

  Abi-Moore 08:30 17 Jun 2007

click here
also see paragraph in forum rules ref cracks and copyright infringement advice

  eedcam 09:33 17 Jun 2007

Thanks Si_L I was only offering advice as for emails It also says ' or when you have an urgent and/or confidential message.' Because as said by others this is a controversial subject I think Confidential was appropriate.If you dont want to use it thats your choice .As for software being illegal Any DVD is still on sale openly and updated frequently.

  jimv7 09:53 17 Jun 2007

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