Ripping damaged audio cd's

  BILL WHITE 13:43 26 May 2005

I want to rip an audio cd which is an audio book so that I can listen to it on my MP3 player. One of the tracks, which is about five minutes long, must have some physical damage about 42 percent in as my software reports an error and is 'unable to rip track'. As this is a detective story and not just music, having a missing track is quite serious. I use Creative Media Source and have also tried Windows Media Player 10, both with the same result.

Is there any way I can rip this track by 'skipping over'the bad bit which probably would only lead to a gap of ten seconds or so.

I'm using XP SP2.

Any advice gratefully rcvd.


Bill White

  Indigo 1 14:40 26 May 2005

You could try cleaning the CD, there are many products available for this or if it is damged you could just try some fine metal polish like Dura Glit. Just remember not to go round in circles but wipe from the centre to the outside in straight lines.

Unless the damage is to the printed side where the label is chipped or damaged then all the info will still be on the disc and it is most likely to be a blemish that the laser can't 'see' through.

This might help click here, it might be a little overkill for your requirements but might just do the trick click here.

  Colinp 15:49 26 May 2005

Dura Glit would be one of the last things I would use

  Lionheart ? 17:29 26 May 2005

You could also try Brasso to clen the CD click here have seen it used did an excellent job.

  Eric10 17:38 26 May 2005

Is it just the ripping software that reports an error or do you also get an error when playing the CD? If it plays okay but won't rip then it may be some form of copy protection on the CD. This is quite common on DVDs but I don't know about CDs.

  BILL WHITE 18:04 26 May 2005

Have tried cleaning with no joy. The CD plays ok up to the point of glitch. If I drag the slider which indicates the position of playback, past the glitch then playback resumes ok so there is mechanical damage which is defeating the ripping software. I had hoped that it would be possible to set a parameter to skip bad sections but this doesn't seem possible. I have set the error correction option in WMP 10 but this doesn't cure the problem. As I'm doing this ripping for my wife, Ive taken the easy way out and listened to the track, minus the few missing seconds and made notes of the salient details. I was just interested to see if there was a software solution as I sometimes have to rip multi-volume CD's and can see this being a generic problem!

Roll on the day when one can purchase MP3 downloads of audiobooks, I'm exploring this option but all of the sites seem to be stateside at present, not that this should be an impediment.

Thanks for the suggestions, anyhow.

I'd hoped that someone might know a program that would allow me to copy an audio CD in audio format to my hard drive but skipping the bad sectors, then I cd rip from that.


Bill White

  Big Elf 18:46 26 May 2005

Although you have to pay for this program to perform a recovery you can test it out first click here

It had a very good write up in a magazine recently.

  Big Elf 18:48 26 May 2005

Sorry, just realised that you posted the same link.

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