"Ripping" CD's - how is this tracked in the PC?

  Tj_El 14:41 27 Nov 2003


Not really a problem this one - only looking for information really....

I have noticed that when I decide to save CD tracks to my PC at a higher kbps, I get a message stating the tracks have already been saved - even though I have deleted the lot and emptied the trash can!

Where is this 'extra' info stored? Any ideas?



  Jester2K II 14:50 27 Nov 2003

Maybe the message comes from the software and not Windows? Perhaps its using the CDDB to track which ones have been done before...

  Tj_El 16:25 27 Nov 2003

Interesting point there Jester2K II... about the software. I use Realplayer.. I wonder if this is all 'stored' in the registry relating to the program....?

  temp003 03:25 28 Nov 2003

The software I use (CDex) has its own local CDDB folder which, as Jester2k says, apart from storing CD album information, also has a subfolder called Status which stores the ripping information in a txt file. It also allows you to clear the ripping status (which will delete the relevant txt file).

I don't use Real to rip CDs (and I'm still using Real Player 8), so don't know the details. Real (at least the older versions) by default creates the My Music subfolder in My Documents, where it is supposed to store downloaded music (and maybe also your ripped MP3s in RealOne Player?). You can explore there, and also the Real folder in Program Files, but it may not be in a file format which is readable by you.

I doubt it will store the information in the registry, which will really clog up the registry (but then that's not uncommon).

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