Ripping CDs to DVD

  joseph k. 17:54 29 Apr 2004

I was wondering if there was any quality difference when an audio CD is transfered onto a DVD rather than a CD mp3. I know that much more can be put onto a DVD, but is this the only advantage and is it still an mp3 file?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:57 29 Apr 2004

That will be only advantage (ie quantity) - DVD has better sound because of the higher amt of data in the tracks. If you have them as MP3 they will be the same on DVD or CD.

  joseph k. 18:53 29 Apr 2004

From what you say my CD collection would therefore be better if they were transfered to DVD. But what format would they become if I compress them, I would guess that I would have a choice, but would mp3 still be viable, or would another format be preferable. Obviously I would like to make 'complete works' DVDs, probably with the complete works of several artist's on each disk. But I would also like to use a format which would easily be playable on most DVD players at least. Thanks for your help so far. J.

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