Ripping and burning dvd's

  BeeWee 17:20 26 Dec 2005

I have a new sony vaio vgn s3hp laptop and believe that I can rip a dvd and then burn it. Trouble is I'm not sure how to go about doing this. I would like to rip. a dvd my son owns to this laptop and then burn it to a dvd for future use Please could someone tell me how to do this?


  Sibbo 18:13 26 Dec 2005

I think there are a number of knowlegeable people in this forum who will know how to do this ;-) , but because it is illegal it will not be discussed in this forum.

  ade.h 18:41 26 Dec 2005

Quite right. For obvious reasons, we tend to avoid giving info on methods that infringe copyright laws or software license agreements.

  SG Atlantis® 20:04 26 Dec 2005

well he hasn't said that it's a copyrighted dvd has he?

If you have Nero for instance click startsmart then choose favourites and hit copy dvd. Select the relevant drive letters and follow the instructions. Nero won't let you copy copyrighted discs anyway.

So if it has copyright protection look else where for help.

Our hands are tied.

  BeeWee 14:06 27 Dec 2005

No I don't think it's copyrighted - I know it's illegal to do that!

However having said that I have a few dvd's which I wouldn't mind making copies of - the reason is that we like to take a portable dvd player away with us. I would prefer to take a copy of the original just in case it gets lost or stolen. Is this legal? (when I have bought the original myself)


  Sibbo 11:41 29 Dec 2005

Sorry if I initially got the wrong end of the stick BeeWee.

It is illegal if you live in the UK. It doesn't matter if you have bought it or not.

  BeeWee 11:48 29 Dec 2005

Oh thank you Sibbo - that's that sorted!


  BeeWee 11:49 29 Dec 2005

I think I sould have ticked resolved too - thanks all.

  namtaf 00:35 31 Dec 2005

hmmm, backing up dvd's is not illegal!
I get sick of hearing this kind of drivel day in and day out.
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  BeeWee 03:20 31 Dec 2005

Oh namtaf - now that's interesting to know - but your link doesn't work. Do you think you could repost it please?


  PaulB2005 09:01 31 Dec 2005

It is if they are copyrighted. In the UK there is no provision to allow you to make a "Backup" copy legally. The right exists in other countries but not the UK so, yes, making a "Backup Copy" is Illegal in the UK and not drivel.

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