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  ponytail 09:14 03 Oct 2011

I wanted a different ring tone for my phone so went to this site http://www.phonezoo.com/ringtones-home.do I chose a suitable ring tone and clicked on save and it is now on my PC.How do I get it onto my phone.I right clicked it and and clicked on sent and sent it to my phone but it is not there must have done something wrong.Can someone advise.Thanks

  gengiscant 11:05 03 Oct 2011

Very useful if you could actually mention what phone you have and whether you are using the software that most phones come with to transfer the ring-tone. Also are you sure that you have saved it to the right folder on your phone.

If you right click and just send it to the phone you will need to specify what folder on your phone to place the ring-tone.

  robin_x 11:25 03 Oct 2011

If connected by USB cable, the phone should appear in Windows Explorer as just another drive.

You can search for the file or just drag and drop a fresh copy.

If your phone has a memory card (microSD) you can take it out and put in a microSD-USB adapter or Card Reader and plug into computer. (you may need a microSD-SD adapter)



  ponytail 11:32 03 Oct 2011

Hi gengiscant My phone is this one http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/mobiles/mobile-phones/SONY-ERIC-SPIRO/MONTHLY?portal=GOOGLE&promo=PPCPAYM&ppc=true I do not have any software and I have downloaded a ringtone before.What would be the right folder on the phone as I just right click on the ring tone hover over send and choose phone and that is all I have done.I did that using a usb cableas the phone does not seem able to recognise the USB dongle connected to the PC which is another problem because when I last did this I used bluetooth hope this helps.Thanks

  ponytail 11:35 03 Oct 2011

Hi robinofloxley Iwould prefer to use bluetooth if possible but they do not seem to recognise each other

  ponytail 12:04 03 Oct 2011

Just found part of the problem I had to add the device on to the PC and the phone now shows up on there.This is what I do now.Double click on the drive then double click on the folder right click on the file then hover over send to and click on bluetooth device but then nothing happens where have I gone wrong.The PC recognises the phone and bluetooth is enabled just unable to figure out where I have gone wrong.

  gengiscant 12:27 03 Oct 2011

If your PC can see your phone then why are you trying to use blue-tooth just drag and drop the file. Might be some help here: Blue-tooth

  Covergirl 12:59 03 Oct 2011

First, find the name of an existing ringtone on your phone, then do a search/find on your attached USB Storage Device (or whatever drive your phone is called in Windows Explorer) and copy and paste the new ringtone file into the same folder as the rest of the ringtones.

  ponytail 13:14 03 Oct 2011

Hi Cover girl when you say then do a search/find on your attached USB Storage Device (or whatever drive your phone is called in Windows Explorer I am not quite sure where to look perhaps you could simplify it for sorry for being a pain in the butt.I have transfered these before so not sure what the problem is.Thanks

  Covergirl 13:30 03 Oct 2011

I probably don't have the equivalent commands here on XP, but click Start then Computer then find your phone (below the C: & D: drives), click it then hold Ctrl and press F which will open a new window and you should type the filename you want to find (i.e the ringtone name) into the box. It should then automatically find it on your phone and tell you where it is.

Copy your new ringtone (right click, copy) then click your destination folder and Paste it into the same folder as the ringtone you just found.

Can anyone else help out if necessary whilst I'm out for the afternoon?


  ponytail 13:47 03 Oct 2011

Hi Again covergirl Tried what you suggested and what I have is the following. Local Disc C DVD Ram F iomega HDD G DVD-RW Drive H

Phone not listet as far as I can see I am using Windows XP by the way

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