Right mouse click brings up new browser

  Diversion 23:15 05 Feb 2006

Hi everyone
I am running XP Pro with S/P2, when I am on a web page like this one and I wish to highlight a name or a paragraph from the web page and I right click the mouse to copy what I have highlighted the computer comes up with a fresh screen of my home page on my browser. This is so annoying it just saves me time having type out what is already on the screen by copying and pasting. With being somewhat disabled I find it hard to get the old fingers working properly sometimes, thanks in advance.

  ashdav 00:08 06 Feb 2006

First off we need to know what browser you're using

  Diversion 00:45 06 Feb 2006

IE 6 and an optical mouse.

  ashdav 01:08 06 Feb 2006

Recommend you run a scan with Spybot S&D click here
first to see if you have any nasties.
Update it before you run it.

  ashdav 01:11 06 Feb 2006

When you install Spybot don't select the Teatime function. This will give you unnecessary alerts.

  Diversion 12:56 06 Feb 2006

I do regular scans for spyware with Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware, I also do regular scans using the Zone Alarm security suite which has a facility for searching spyware as well as virus checking and checking incoming and outgoing emails too. The problem seemed to come after installing 256MB Inno3D 6200 Turbo Cache Geforce graphics card which incidentally won't operate my Logitech Pro 4000 webcam that I recently purchased. I have installed all the latest drivers and software for my PC as I like to keep everything up to date. And thank you for your advice.

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