Right to Left text

  zumlif2 18:14 11 Dec 2005

I used the "Right to Left" part of Word and after using it I exited and cancelled the fonts. Now certain come up with odd characters e.g. when right-clicking on an item in Desktop the information is partly jn r-to-l characters. I have a reminder program and the dates come up with odd English characters with all kinds of accents on them which I can't read. Any ideas on how to revert? I am reluctant to use System Restore as I had a hard disk tangle and I am not sure when I used it.
Win XP Pro, 2.4m 40g HDD 512k ram Firefox

  zumlif2 16:05 12 Dec 2005

I have discovered myself how to do this. Right-to- Left text has to be applied via the Regional and Language setting in Control Panel and I had forgotten this. Everything now OK. If anyone wants to set up the Right-to-Left language setting for use in Word do it via Control Panel etc. and disable it in the same way.

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