Right clicking mouse causes XP to lock up

  MikeJ101 00:29 14 Oct 2003

If I right click icons on the desktop - XP locks up and I have to reboot. Anyone got any ideas. Oh, by the way if I start in safe mode it works fine.

  Tog 07:33 14 Oct 2003

Safe mode loads default drivers and bypasses the startup list.
Try a normal startup and then disable everything running in the background before using right-click.

  MikeJ101 07:44 14 Oct 2003

There is nothing in the start up list - I removed anything that was there. Pity they got rid of the old fashioned diagnostic start up of Win98. Where do you reckon I could get a list of the default drivers loaded in Safe Mode?

  jimv7 08:25 14 Oct 2003

If you have loaded mouse drivers, uninstall them, go into device manager and remove the mouse, restart and let xp find its own drivers.

  MikeJ101 23:28 14 Oct 2003

I've tried the mouse driver idea and could not resolve it that way.
The answer lies in Roxio CD Creator 6. If I uninstall it everything runs OK.
So I reinstalled it and the problem came back. If I make sure there is a CDRW in the drive when it boots there is no problem and it runs OK - it only locks up if I forget to leave a cd in the drive when it boots up. If I don't put a cd in the drive all I have to do is shut down the Drag to Disk feature - restart it and everything is fine. Don't ask me why it does it but I've at least go a work around for it now.

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