Right click slowed down. ....erk...

  brianatpcadvisor 18:12 12 Jan 2004

Today, my right click started to behave oddly.
When I'm off-line and I 'right click' my mouse everythings OK, but, when I'm on-line and right click, everything 'freezes' for about 7 to 10 seconds, and whilst nothing is happening, my PC is sending and / or receiving.
If I pull the phone line out physically, I get a blue screen for a second and windows closes down and restarts.
I'm running XP pro.
Bit worrying that there's all this activity, ain't it.
I've got norton antivirus and firewall, and I haven't changed the settings or anything like that.
Any ideas?

  VoG II 18:33 12 Jan 2004

Right-click on My Computer, click Properties, click the Advanced tab. Under "Startup & Recovery" click Settings. Under "System Failure" untick the box in front of "Automatically restart".

You should now be able to see what's on the blue screen. Please post the EXACT error message here.

  brianatpcadvisor 19:05 12 Jan 2004

Thanks for this.
OK, I've disabled auto restart and now the PC doesn't crash at all when I pull the cable out.

It still sends/receives and 'hangs' when I right click.....but, one thing I have found out now that the system isn't crashing every time, is that the pc only freezes up the first time I right click, and there's no 'phone line activity after the first time.

Any help would be appreciated.

By the way, what should I do about auto restart?
Leave it as it is now?
Thanks again.

  tafoody 19:08 12 Jan 2004

in IE, tools\internet options\advanced.

On the Advanced tab, scroll down through the list box to the Security section.
Uncheck "Check for publisher's certificate revocation," , click OK, and restart PC.

  tafoody 19:10 12 Jan 2004

forgot to link the page. click here a few google results led back to this.

  newuserbrian 21:19 12 Jan 2004

Thanks for this.
Trouble is, paranoia (how do you spell that?)rules and because of the right click problem I went up a notch on my norton firewall secutity settings.

I now keep getting a pop up from norton saying: A remote system is attempting to access your computer.....
Protocol: UDP (Inbound)
Local address: bootps (67)

And I'm advised to block it.

I haven't auto blocked it yet, I'm doing it manually until I know what it's all about.

Trouble is, 17 of 'em have popped up while I've been trying to type this. Phew.

Is it something to do with my network?
I don't want to mess that up.

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