Right click on icon on Desktop+it freezes?

  buel 11:40 31 Dec 2013

Hi, My friend has asked me to look at his laptop (Acer Aspire 57427, W7)as it wasn't accepting his passowrd. I used system restore (in safe mode) and it worked fine. However, I have noticed that if I right click on any icon on the desktop that it then freezes/hangs and shows the blue turning circle. I have to then restart explorer. Weirdly, I can click on any programs from the start menu and they work fine then. I used Malwarebytes and it found 45 viruses.

Please can I ask what can i do? Also, I installed Revo uninstaller and uninstalled some bloatware but I notice Revo doesn't see some programs, such as Kaspersky or McAfee whereas the Windows add/remove programs does? Please help if you can, Thank you.

  chub_tor 11:58 31 Dec 2013

You may have already checked this problem in Google where there are several causes and solutions shown for different operating systems. but the most likely cause seems to be that there is a defective program attached to the right click context menu. I suggest you read the appropriate solutions for Win 7. First thing to try is to see if it happens in Safe Mode, if it does not then you have at least ruled out a driver problem.

  tullie 12:40 31 Dec 2013

Hope he has antivirus software and not just malwarebytes?

  buel 23:25 31 Dec 2013

Hi, Thanks, I restored to an earlier point and now all is fine. Antivirus- It is saying that I need to install an antivirus but it has Defender on, that should do fine shouldn't it?

  Number six 00:50 01 Jan 2014

In Windows 7, Defender is anti-malware only. You must install an anti-virus program.

  buel 08:06 01 Jan 2014

Thank you so much.

  iscanut 09:21 01 Jan 2014

buel..if you need advice on anti virus programs to install. you know where to come.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:50 01 Jan 2014

Uninstall MSE and install AVAST free and do a full scan

see what happens after that - if still having problems (probably worth doing anyway) then

Start - search - type

sfc /scannow

press enter let windows find and replace missing or corrupt windows files (this will take some time to complete)

1]: [click here

  buel 20:06 01 Jan 2014

Hi again and thank you.

Ok, a few things: 1. How do I uninstall MSE as it does not appear in the Revo list? 2. I ran sfc /scannow on an old (but faithful) XP laptop and it gives me the message 'Files that are required for Windows to run properly must be copied to the DLL Cache. Insert your Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 CD now'. I do not have this CD. Am I able to download it and put it on CD please? 3. I ran sfc /scannow on the Vista that I am using and the black box appeared and was running the scan but close to 99% it disappeared. I take it there is no 'Completed' box/message that appears?

Thank you so muc. Buel

  buel 08:01 02 Jan 2014

Hello, can anyone help please?

  michaelw 09:22 02 Jan 2014

If you don't have an xp cd try this workaround. It may or may not work depending on machine and/or installation. I would back up your registry first in case. I use Erunt as it's better than the Windows one. We have to point sfc to look elsewhere for the i386 folder:

Change the reg entry in HKEYLOCALMACHINE Software Microsoft WindowsNT Current Version SourcePath, type in the new location as follows: C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles.

You will then change the source (where Windows is going to get the files) to C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\I386

You will need to tell your computer you have the files on your PC. We do this is the registry (type regedit in the Run box on the start menu) by navigating to:


You will see various entries here on the right hand side. The one we want is called:


It probably has an entry pointing to your CD-ROM drive, and that is why it is asking for the XP CD. All we need to do is change it to:


Simply double click the SourcePatch setting and a new box will pop up allowing you to make the change.

Now restart your computer and type into run cmd, then in command box type sfc /scannow (note space).

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