The right camera & lens to photograph small website products

  LastChip 23:49 10 Nov 2012

How long is a piece of string?

You haven't mentioned what you want to photograph, let alone if you need macro, or indeed a budget you want to spend.

Photographing products well is a highly skilled form of photography. But when you see amazing images in top quality magazines, I suspect you wouldn't want to know the fees the manufacturers spent, to get that level of perfection. (Tip; they're often multiple shots combined on top of one and other, each of which had a slightly different focal point}.

You can however get good photographs with entry level SLR's. Just don't expect too much, as it's not only the lenses to use, but the whole set-up and especially, how it's lit. Never-the-less, quality glass is a must.

Although I use Canon equipment, if I were starting from scratch and didn't have a significant investment in Canon, I would go with Nikon. In my view, they just have the edge on focus accuracy.

Modern digital cameras are good, but the bottom line still is, it's how you use it. If you don't fully understand photography, you'll never get the quality of images you may be looking for.

So ask yourself, do you have the time to really learn properly the skills you need to obtain your objective, before you spend (potentially) a lot of money.

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