Rigged voting?

  SallyC 13:08 12 Jun 2010

Does anyone know if there are programs that can 'rig' voting in on-line competitions? A band I know recently entered a local radio station 'best song' competition. I placed my vote from the beginning & all was fine up to & including quarter-final stage - that is the percentage vote between the two contestants changed during the voting period. But in the semi-final the vote remained static at 70/30 - it did change by a couple of points (68/32) for a short time & then went back to 70/30 regardless of how many votes were cast. We did a test by mobilising 200 votes in half hour period (no mean feat) which should have increased the band's vote by a minimum of 7% but it still stuck at 70/30.
Then someone sent a text suggesting that a 'Sniper-like' program might be being used - I looked it up & it's an automatic auction bidding program - reading it through I can see that something similar could be applied to on-line voting & just wondered if anyone knew of such a thing.
This question is not for any purpose - purely for interest. The competition was purely for fun, no monetary gain - just air time, so seems a shame if it had been rigged.

  Catastrophe 20:27 13 Jun 2010

Interesting. Understood that there are no legal implications.

Have no experience whatsoever of this but enormous experience on eBay.

Seems like you may think one 'side' has a reserve of votes and the other 'side' a lower reserve of votes. On eBay a raise by one 'side' automatically triggers a pre-programmed response by the other. Not sure how this could work. On eBay there are two people with GBPs to manipulate. How can one manipulate votes?

Still, an interesting question.


  Catastrophe 21:01 13 Jun 2010

Instead or GBP I guess you would need an eMail currency in eMail addresses. Such as GB.failures.n.gov for n = 0 to 100000000 and the other side likewise.

  SallyC 10:38 14 Jun 2010

Indeed - except one side (the band we were supporting) was being voted for purely by individuals, with no software assistance. But regardless of the amount of votes cast, the % difference didn't change by more than 2% at any time - as soon as 'our' votes increased by 2%, it was knocked back again by the same amount - which made me wonder if there was a hidden electronic hand working in the background.

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