ridiculous spam amount on lineone.net...help???

  spanneress 20:31 06 Jun 2004


Customer (charity) has lineone e mail which is widely used and the amount of spam they get is outrageous...not seen owt like it!!! They bought McAffee spam killer which I installed and it was useless..the e mail account being a web based one and all...they use OE6, all current AV and Firewall..have to reinstall the PC tomorrow but having just deleted over 700 spam mails I don't want to take it back without a solution..so guru's..any suggestions?

  Cuddles 20:48 06 Jun 2004

Try spampal from click here

  rômanab 20:52 06 Jun 2004

This is good click here and its free.

  Cybercrow 21:06 06 Jun 2004

I have downloaded the excellent 'incredimail' for my default e-mails.
You can select who you want to receive e-mails from by adding them to your incredimail contacts and then all the rest of the junk mail goes straight into a junk inbox!
You can even 'bounce' back spam mail to the senders.

click here

  georgemac 21:33 06 Jun 2004

click here this works and is free for now, you just need to register then make some changes to outlook/outlook express settings. It basically downloads all the mail from your isp email server, strips out the spam and then youe mail software collects the mail from there. I have been using filterspam which is powered by the same software and it is great (although they are now charging new users)

a thread on consumerwatch also was mentioning another free email account which had spam filtering click here and I tried to register for an account today but the site did not seem to be working properly.

  spanneress 21:35 06 Jun 2004

Thanks people..will have a look at the incredimail but the other two are no good as they function the same as McAffee..sit between OE and host and you have to apply filters..which would have taken me ..ooh..lets see...all afternoon for the 700 or so spam my customer got!

They have a spam folder on the lineone mail options but you can merely place the spam in there or delete it..in order to block it you have to open it, take the sender addy and paste it into a different location..for each one!

  Meshuga 22:40 06 Jun 2004

Hi spanneress,I use lineone and for £4-99 per year Tiscali, who own lineone,will provide a filtering service. I get very little spam now.Meshuga.

  phil 23:05 06 Jun 2004

Brilliant. It was Tiscali that sold all the L1 addresses to the spammers when they took over.

What I can't get my head round is the fact that if you try to send an email to someone and you get just one letter or digit wrong it comes back to you as 'Unable to deliver message'

Yet I can get an inbox full of other peoples L1 addresses as well as my own.

When I asked Tiscali why this was they just offered to sell me their filter crap.

I'll stick with Mailwasher thanks.

  georgemac 07:49 07 Jun 2004

spamjab does it all for you - once you have changed the oe settings you do not have to do anything. If it finds an email it thinks may be genuine, it sends you an email asking if it is, and you just have to reply if you want to recieve mail from this sender.

I used to use mailwasher but was fed up having to mark junk mail as junk.

spamjab allowed me to continue using an exisiting email address which was getting 70-100 spam emails per day.

  Belatucadrus 11:55 07 Jun 2004

You can create filters for lineone.net accounts. Go into the Webmail page and go to Preferences>>Filters have a play with some of the possibilities. One I've found useful is " reject anything where the TO line does not contain the precise e-mail address " Most of the spam I had via lineone wasn't specifically addressed to me and this has cut it dramatically.

  spanneress 15:19 07 Jun 2004

Thanks all.. the spamjab was absolutley the easiest and most efficient way forward given the situation.

totally recommend it...

click here

Thanks for all your help.

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