ridiculous sound problem - win7

  boiker 04:09 14 Nov 2013

Hello everyone. Im a first timer here.

i have been working with this problem a long time, but with no solution :-(

Its this simple: the sound glitches! Music, video and game sound. It can glitch 4 times in a row, wait 5 min, glitch 2 times 3 sec interval, then it can wait 30 minutes, then glitch for every minute several times 5 minutest... or 4 times every song in a list jukeboxed.. ... his is what ive tried:

  • Drivers! (duh)
  • other soundcards!
  • software to measure buffer! (no problem there)
  • updated firmware on motherboard and the SSD disc
  • tried to deactivate LAN and netcard.
  • ram slot change etc.
  • Many re installs of win 7, genuine ofc, and diffrent versions.
  • Many things in soundcard software and windows sound tools/settings
  • Read thousands of forums...

Im stuck, and have no other alternatives left to do! help!

Specs: intel i7 6 core 3,2 ghz 16 ram steinberg external soundcard (yes, the glitch is also in the onboard sc) 64 bit win 7 GTX 660 TI os on Vertex SSD 250 gb (and 5 other hd, tried only the ssd connected)

tell me what spec-program or other specs you want to know...

Im going crazy!

  rdave13 04:51 14 Nov 2013

Have you tried the310.70 old Nvidia driver? Sometimes using older drivers fix problems. Apologies if already tried.

  boiker 04:56 14 Nov 2013

Yes, by NVIDIA i reccon you suggest that its my Graphic card that is the problem. ive tried changing it too, no good! :-( Thank you for answering, all help is appreciated :-)

  hastelloy 07:51 14 Nov 2013

Have you checked you speaker cables or tried other speakers?

  BRYNIT 08:42 14 Nov 2013

The glitch could be with the program you are using to play the music. Have you tied a different program?

  boiker 16:23 14 Nov 2013

The speakers are ok. The glitch is in the headphones directly from soundcard too. Thanks for answering :-)

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