Ridiculous Computer Malfunction, video crash

  Weylo 07:43 02 Oct 2015

About 2 months ago I built my first computer with the help of a few very knowledgable friends with multiple past experiences of building computers. The budget was about $2000-$2500 (Sweden, so Swedish Crowners 16000 SEK).

Everything went smooth and well and we didn't everything (to the best of our knowledge) as we we're supposed to (Used anti-static wristwrap etc) and the computer started, installed the operating system and everything seemed to be working fine. Checked the temperatures and it was all good, all fans spinning.

Once I started to run very demanding games the issues began, multiple games such as Dying Light, Assassin's Creed Unity & ARK crashes seemingly randomly, resulting in 1 or 2 error messages saying that the AMD graphic driver has crashed, or that the video driver has crashed and has been recovered and now exiting.

I and my friends have searched endlessly for solutions trying such things as:

Replacing the graphics card Replacing the motherboard Flashing the motherboard, twice Installing older drivers Installing beta drivers Removing all drivers manually and using an external program and then reinstalling Installing no driver except the obligatory ones and accepting no extra programs in the installation, taking only the driver (custom install). Reinstalling Windows 10, twice, also wiping the hard drives Checking and changing the graphic card (and processor) clock and lowering them, we also tried raising them because why not. Also tried replacing the power supply because well got desperate. Also tried a bunch of other stuff.

After formatting the hard drive and reinstalling windows I did for a short while experience another issue, a graphical issue on the desktop which made the parts of the background that I selected (clicked and dragged) became inverted after releasing and staying that way until a restart.

None of these things we've tried has stopped the original issue of demanding games crashing with a video driver crash error randomly, after any time between a couple minutes to about an hour, but always crashing never the less.

I am now getting desperate and I'm considering simply selling all the pieces of my computer and spend whatever money I can recover elsewhere.

Sorry for making this sound like a bit of a sob story, but I'm really just getting desperate for fixing this.


My compute hardware specs are:

AMD r9 390 Gigabtye z97 ud3h (old motherboard) Gigabyte z97x soc (new motherboard) NZXT H440 chassi H100i GTX water cooling 4690K processor 850 evo 250gb ssd (Operating System drive) 2x 1tb hdd from Western Digital 750W gold power supply

  chub_tor 13:05 02 Oct 2015

You mention everything except the RAM. What are you using? Have you tried using one stick at a time?

  Weylo 20:35 02 Oct 2015

2x8gb of 1600MHZ RAM. I've already tested it using Memtest86 to assure that it is functional. Sorry, I forgot to include that in the original post, I'll edit it in.

  Weylo 20:36 02 Oct 2015

NVM Couldn't figure out how to edit the post, but it's in the reply nevertheless.

  Weylo 12:41 03 Oct 2015

I have now used TdrDelay to delay the time it takes before I receive the video driver error. I've tried delaying it from 2 (the default setting) to 5 seconds, aswell as 10, 18, and 3600. The only result I got was that the video driver crash report was delayed, and everything remains freezed for a longer period of time.

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