Riddle of the Twitchy Joystick....

  Amry 16:10 15 Jul 2003

I have a problem with the joystick of my gamepad, and it's driving me nuts!

I have a Blaze USB gamepad, which kinda looks like the PS2 dualshock pads (i.e, two analog sticks, the four buttons at the sides, etc.). It works great with WinXP, I don't have to install the drivers or anything (and I can't, anyway -- more on that later). Except....

Well, the left analog stick is... I don't know, too sensitive. Even if I leave it alone and didn't touch it, it'll still register slight up-down and/or left-right movement, which is annoying when you're in a middle of a game and your character unexpectedly makes a wrong choice which spells his own doom. Alas, efforts to locate the manufacturer's website failed because.... I can't find it. The accompanying CD has no readme or anything, and I'm at a loss here.

Is there by any chance a third-party utility that I can use to reduce my gamepad's sensitivity? And no, I can't use the drivers that came with the gamepad because when I tried to install it, a "cannot install -- these drivers are for Win98/Me only" message pops up.

  hugh-265156 16:14 15 Jul 2003

check in the game you are playing and see if there is a set up screen where you can adjust deadzones and sensitivty of the analogue controller.

  Amry 16:29 15 Jul 2003

nope, no such thing. And I can't find any option in WinXP's Gamepad setting (in the Control Panel) to reduce sensitivity, either.

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