rhino 3.0

  Binary Ghost (the only Paul) 00:21 28 May 2004

does anybody know how to get the tool bars back in rhino?..they usualy disapear when you open rhino twice but now i cant even get them up when its open on its own. iv restarted my laptop countless times as this has solved it in the past on my other computer..but i cant get it up at all. anybody know?..thanx in advance

  Diodorus Siculus 08:17 28 May 2004

I don't know the program, but would suggest that there may be a place where you can right click nere to where the toobars should be, and then choose which ones you want.

  Binary Ghost (the only Paul) 10:20 28 May 2004

its not like that..normaly there is a toolbar down the left hand side and 1 across the top with the 4 veiw ports in the midle. but the tool bars arnt there un the 4 view ports fill the screen. any body else?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:52 28 May 2004

Anywhere to right click and choose what to view?

  Binary Ghost (the only Paul) 17:16 28 May 2004

rhino is a 3d modeling program the 4 view ports alow you to see the model from any direction. the tool bar contains all of the tools to to modify, create or edit a 3d model. i think u need to know the program to know what im talking about.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:23 28 May 2004

OK - hopefully someone who does will be able to help. I am only working from the general princilpes of windows computing. :-}

Good luck with your query...

  Binary Ghost (the only Paul) 17:24 28 May 2004

yer i no. thanx anyways m8! :-)

  Diodorus Siculus 17:25 28 May 2004

From click here


Subject: Re: little problem

On Wed, 27 May 1998, St√ąphane Vareschi wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I would like to know why the toolbox doesn't appear when I start
> Rhino. I tryed the toolbar menu but it was unsuccessfull. I think that
> a little manipulation will solve my problem but I don't know it. If
> sombody can help me !!!...

Hi St√ąphane - in Rhino it is possible to customize all the toolbars and
turn them on or off, move them around, or open up completely different
sets of toolbars, which is called a "workspace" file.

It sounds like perhaps you've accidentally customized your copy of Rhino
without really wanting to?

It's difficult to have a precise answer to your question because I can't
be sure exactly what type of customization accidentally occured - if you
just accidentally turned off the toolbars, you can turn them back on by
using the "Toolbar" command. Locate the named "Main 1" and "Main 2" in the
list of toolbars there, and double click on them to show them - when they
are shown a check mark will appear next to them in the list.

If that does not restore your toolbars, then you might want to download
the default Rhino workspace again - to do that, download
click here and unzip it into your
main Rhino directory. Then inside of Rhino, use the OpenWS command to open
up the default.ws file and that will restore all toolbars to their

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