rhine II ethernet adaptor

  fat_freddys_cat 18:51 08 Dec 2008

have been unable to connect to the internet for around two weeks-in device manager the ethernet adaptor was showing the yellow error triangle for the rhine II ethernet adaptor-after several messings and deletings (i know i shudnt mess about with things when i dont know what i'm doing), the ethernet icon has completely vanished in the device manager list and there is also now an yellow triangle against 'com1'. ive tried to run add new hardware etc etc but it says the driver is missing....would i find these on my windows disc and would a windows repair sort it? the AOL helpman said my modem is working fine
cheers for anyone who could help

  fat_freddys_cat 18:52 08 Dec 2008

I'm using windows xp

  birdface 19:40 08 Dec 2008

Switch of the Modem at the main switch for 20 seconds and then switch on again.Sometimes that works.

  Stuartli 19:41 08 Dec 2008

You may need to reinstall the LAN drivers.

There's a test here for the Via Rhine II drivers - try it first and see what happens.

The drivers can be downloaded from:

click here

A tip. If you download and install these drivers and the problem is resolved, go a step further.

I was about to updat my Rhine II drivers about a fortnight ago with a similar version but, for some unknown reason, decided to try Windows own check for new drivers; I can't recall using it before as normally such drivers found tend to be out of date.

To my surprise it brought up a very much later version (commencing with 4 rather than 3)..:-)

You will need to highlight the Rhine II adapter in Network Adapters in Device Manager>Properties>Driver tab and then allow Windows to Find New Drivers.

  fat_freddys_cat 19:46 08 Dec 2008

thanks for the quick response-everything else i have read is all ssp and ttp....unfortunately i fall into the category of .... oap.... so i may suceed with that reply
will let ya know thanks again

  Stuartli 23:51 08 Dec 2008

Quite a lot of us fall into the category of ...oap....

Nothing to be ashamed of as far as I'm aware..:-)

  fat_freddys_cat 18:15 14 Dec 2008

have sorted it....not quite sure how tho but itjust sorted itself thanks for ya help guys

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