Rhetorical question

  fullywired23 11:45 15 Jul 2004

Can a hard drive be destroyed and the operative word is destroyed by a software download ,the reason I ask is that on another web site some one posted a post to this effect and I replied that it was rubbish but got several replies assuring me that it was true ,but it is not a technical web site and I thought they had fallen for an urban myth

was I wrong or were they wrong?


  cga 12:14 15 Jul 2004

Software can certainly destroy data, format & structure of the disk - but I would suspect that the latter two would only be in the case of software that intended to address these areas.
As for physical destruction by software it would have to be something like stressing the actuator tobreaking point or interfering somehow with the drive firmware. The first may take a long time and the second would have to be very deliberate.

  fullywired23 13:58 15 Jul 2004

The action was supposed to be deliberate by some well known software company who shall remain nameless but I think you know who I mean as a means of defeating pirates of there O/S and to be put in their latest update.the part I took issue with was the idea that a software download could destroy a h/d beyond use


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