RGB lighting for cooler master MB511 RGB l

  PhillyG76 20:03 01 Dec 2018

I’m planning on building a new desktop PC, buying parts but by bit when I’ve saved money. So far I have an Asus Matx motherboard Z390G, an Intel 9600k cpu, and one 8GB Corsair memory module. I just found out that there’s no RGB headers on the board, it just has the controller software. But I’m still interested in buying the Cooler Master MB511RGB as it’s a good price and you get three front fans included. But as the board doesn’t have headers, is it still possible to control the fan lighting from the board if I buy some power adapter? It says you can use the reset button on the case which is ok, but if it’s a case of just buying some lead for powering the LED’s then I’m more than happy to do that. Basically what do I need to buy so make it possible.

My next question is CPU cooling. The case says it can take coolers upto 165mm height and seen a few which just about fit. But do I have to check clearance with the ram? The Corsair vengeance stick seems quite small, but I plan on adding at least one more so I have either 16Gb, 24gb or the Max 32gb. GPU, the case seems to support a good length of 41cm. But I was planning on maybe fitting two GTX1070’s in SLI (buying one, and another when I’ve saved more), but even though there’s two GPU slots, they seem quite close together. If I do fit two, what do I need to check mainly? The CPU cooler?

I’ve seen some liquid CPU coolers that obviously smaller, but I hardly know anything about them, so not keen on idea. But if you people think fitting a liquid cooler would make GPU options and anything a lot easier then please say.

And finally, I plan on fitting a Samsung 970 evo SSD (either 250 or 500GB), and western digital 4tb Black hard disk. So when I install Windows 10, I guess I’d select to install on the SSD? and maybe drivers? I think I’d initially install games on the hard disk. But updates, new drivers and things like that, do you always have to check and select what drive your installing or adding to, or are some things done automatically? Basically when adding new software, what do I need to look out for, or does windows use some intelligence and make things easy? A lot of questions sorry, but I’ll welcome any help. And if I can offer any opinions or advice I’ll try return the favour.

  KEITH 1955 14:15 02 Dec 2018

I don't know what to say about your light problem but I would like to offer you a few tips.... don't use the reset button for anything , my cooler master rig has one and after a corrupted update locked up my pc it saved me from pulling the plug and risking corrupting the registry. Go for at least 16gb ram. I have a gtx 1080 that has dropped a lot in price I paid £800 for it cos I got it when it first came out. Personally I would not do sli because sometimes screen tearing can occour. If you do want to sli I would say ask mobo maker if their is enough space between slots to fit them , also ask card maker how much power 2 cards need. I have op sys on one ssd along with everything that you cant change the location of nd I put games and everything else on a separate drive. WINDOWS knows where your drivers are located so you wont have to tell it what to do. DONT use the nvidea expeience program its a pain in the butt , I manually download drivers and untick experience during ( custom ) install. With regards to possible software problems you can do one of 2 things. If something wont work , re-install and right click on installer and choose compatability mode. I get lots of games from steam and if you buy something that does not work you have 2 wks and less than 2 hours playing time to get a refund. I like to take games trips down memory lane so post questions on steam about a relavent game before buying.

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