RFID HID doorcard scanner wont pick up the correct number

  dante9520 09:44 08 Dec 2014

Hi, if anybody could help I would be so grateful

my problem is with an HID 125kHz rfid reader. we are replacing a door entry system in the club I work in and a non com port device was needed. after 4 other card readers which were either the wrong frequency or emulating com ports, I found what I needed. the problem is it only picks up the 10 digit code in band 08H-----10D and our previous system uses the 4 digit code on 02H + 04H and if we cant sort the reader out we need to re issue 15,000 cards to our members which is more trouble than its worth.

just incase I have made little sense, I don't entirely know what I am doing and have learnt what I can whilst trying to set up the system. this is not my field of expertise but I am the only tec savvy person in my company, so the job was given to me.

as I said any help will be greatly appreciated.

  spuds 11:11 08 Dec 2014

It could well mean that the best method would to go back to any supplier of the equipment you are having problems with, and seek their help, advice or support.

Is there any reason why you cannot go this route?.

  dante9520 12:06 08 Dec 2014

well the card reader that works has been bought from ebay. I may add that my boss is not only extremely tight but almost refuses to buy anything new. the system we have ready to implement is only a membership manager and we have had code modified by the company so it could work with a door system too. so although it works it is a bodge job. back to the scanner it was not bought from the uk and when asked all the response we get is about how it should just plug and play. which is not the issue. so im kind of on my last resort

  lotvic 12:07 08 Dec 2014

What was the old reader make and model, are they no longer available?

Seems to me to be a case of you need to know details about the card(s) requirements before you can go shopping for a replacement reader for them.

Are you trying to match a new reader with the old existing 15,000 cards?

  bumpkin 13:11 08 Dec 2014

What exactly do you require the system to do.

  spuds 13:23 08 Dec 2014

"What exactly do you require the system to do."

On the information given, I would suspect that its for a form of door entry and possible recording system of who enters via a scanner card of 15.000 members.

Going back on the subject of purchasing via eBay, then you need to be very careful on what you select, because some items are not compatible to a 'British' system. I have always found, that cases like this, then ask questions first. one particular seller I made a purchase from was very helpful, by providing some website links to installation etc, before I went ahead with the purchase.

  dante9520 13:40 08 Dec 2014

The card reader works fine and fine with the current program and reads the cards. and yes its a new system that wont work with the old reader. the reader was not bought by me. nothing about its make just a black box with an led. the issue is which line of data the reader is picking out from the card. I know its not to do with its frequency but its picking up 10 digit numbers when the system only picks up 4-5 and our members system has run off 4 number membership numbers

  spuds 14:03 08 Dec 2014

I am at a bit of a loss here, and having Googled (seems a number to choose from) I came up with a link that might put some light on the subject. If the contents of the pdf article doesn't help in any way, then perhaps try the author of the document (British Security Industry Association) might have some advice. click here

  bumpkin 16:51 08 Dec 2014

OK, so is it simply for door entry or do you wish to know the identity of the card holder, dates, times etc. What is the situation now when a member uses his existing card and presumably cannot gain entry.

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