Rewritable CDs

  [email protected] 12:12 25 Dec 2008

As a Christmas present I requested some rewritable CDs.The CDs which have been bought for me are CD-R.Will these do the job as I am not conversant with the properties of the various kinds of CDs?

  PO79 12:13 25 Dec 2008

I think you will find they are write once and not re-writable.

  MAT ALAN 12:22 25 Dec 2008

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They are not rewritable in the exact sense of the word, they can be used in a multi-session format within something like Nero, which means you can write more than once to them but not take anything off and start again, the link will help...

Have a cool yule dude...

  crosstrainer 13:25 25 Dec 2008

The disks you need are designated CD RW or DVD RW, the ones you have will only write once, and cannot be erased to start again.

  €dstowe 13:42 25 Dec 2008

Personally, I would be more pleased with the ones you have been given rather than rewritables.

CDRW (DVDRW) are, in my opinion, a complete waste of time and so unreliable in losing the data on them that I wouldn't even use one for a shopping list - most certainly not anything important.

  crosstrainer 13:45 25 Dec 2008

To a certain extent, I agree, and with the advent of large external hdd's, do we really have a use for RW's anymore? I only buy dual layer's for special compilations, and they are write once only anyway.

  Stuartli 15:25 25 Dec 2008

You can use CD/DVD-Rs in multisession mode until they are full, as stated; it's also correct about RW disks, as they are not as reflective as -R disks and can prove difficult for some drives to read.

Nero and Roxio both provide multisession mode, but it's important to Save the Folder after each multisession mode burning session.

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