Reviving a laptop battery

  mEmo99 11:18 19 Aug 2006

I've got a toshiba m70 laptop and the battery isn't performing as well as i'd like and only last about an hour when in use and disconnected from the mains.
How could i go about "reviving" the battery?

  Cymro. 11:23 19 Aug 2006

I use my laptop mostly from the mains but make a point of using the battery and discharging it completely then re charging it fully once a week. They say that completely discharging the battery and then re charging it is a good thing for a long battery life.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:34 19 Aug 2006

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  rodriguez 11:49 19 Aug 2006

If you charge batteries when they're still half full then they won't last as long as they should. This goes for laptops, phones, MP3 players and anything else that uses a rechargable battery. To preserve the life in your new battery, take the battery out when you plug it into the mains as this will stop it charging. Then only charge it when the battery's completely flat.

  woodchip 12:02 19 Aug 2006

Charge the battery without using the Computer the disconnect from main and run laptop to discharge, Do this four times this should improve matters. If not you need a new battery. I dont have my battery in the Laptop. Only when Going away is it fitted. Two years Old now and as good as new

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