Revising My Computer Security.Want Your Help Pls.

  Big L 266 09:04 16 Jun 2010


I'm nearing the end of my current contract with McAfee & ParetoLogic.I am revising and reviewing my current security and maintenance software and would like your help to go forward with this please.

I currently have all of the following:-
(My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit.)

2.McAfee Total Protection.(Paid for.)
3.ParetoLogic Driver Cure.(Paid for.)
4.ParetoLogic Privacy Cure.(Free.)
5.ParetoLogic Registry Cure.(Paid for.)
6.Secunia PSI.(Free.)
7.iolo System Mechanic.(Paid for.)

I already have 'Trusteer Rapport' for many sensitive BANKING websites,and 'In Private' viewing for all general website activity.I also use 'Internet Options' to 'clean out' the remaining browser history on a daily basis. I also run complete full scans every weekend on my security and maintenance.

I welcome all opinions as to the efficacy of my current set-up and invite you to tell me what you would do as part of my review.I take my computer security and maintenance very, very seriously.

I thank you very much in advance for all your help, suggestions and recommendations and look forward to reading your replies throughout the day.

Big L 266

  john bunyan 09:13 16 Jun 2010

Suggest _ Free
Firewall: PCTools (or Comodo but this is a bit intrusive)
Anti Virus - MS Security Essentials or Avira
Anti Malware - Prevention - Spywareblaster
Anti malware (scan) : Malawarebytes and Superantispyware
Reg Cleaner and clean up : CCleaner
Others may prefer Avast as anti virus.
I use the above with no probs om W 7 64bit.
Also I would pay for Acronis True Image 2010 and regularly do an image and or a clone.

  john bunyan 09:15 16 Jun 2010

Forgot to say I used to use AVG ant virus , but comments here made me change - also it seems sometimes to clash with Zone Alarm Firewall, which I have also stopped using.

  birdface 09:17 16 Jun 2010

MSE. Malwarebytes.Superantispyware.Wot. Winpatrol.

  onthelimit 10:12 16 Jun 2010

I would say what you have is way over the top - I just use the first 3 of buteman's list (which are all free) and have never picked up anything nasty (touches wood rapidly).

  provider 2 10:46 16 Jun 2010

Comodo Firewall (minus AV)
Avast 5 Home
Malwarebytes Anti-malware
Spybot S&D (immunise function)
WOT (whose warnings have saved me quite a bit of grief, I believe)

CCleaner, all tools and functions.

All free or voluntary contribution. I also have Windows Defender but for all the good it has done I might as well not have bothered.

Suggest uninstalling anything to do with Paretologic. Use WOT or Google to to confirm deplorable reputation of this company, especially relating to RegCure.

  onthelimit 11:57 16 Jun 2010

provider 2. That has been superceeded by MSE which does seem to do the business.

  provider 2 12:07 16 Jun 2010

I`m hearing consistently good reports about MSE but I`m still convinced Avast is better.

I think I keep Windows Defender for old-time`s sake, and to see if one day it will actually nab something.

  Woolwell 13:33 16 Jun 2010

If you want to pay then both Norton and Kaspersky are better than McAfee.

IMO the registry cures/mechanics can cause more problems than they solve.

On my laptop I have MSE, malwarebytes and ccleaner.
On my desktop Kaspersky, Malwarebytes and ccleaner. On both systems malwarebytes had always given a clean bill of health.

  Woolwell 13:34 16 Jun 2010

Forgot to add a drive clone eg Acronis is a very useful too to add.

  T I M B O 13:40 16 Jun 2010

If u like Acronis & u have a wd target hard drive, the u can get acronis from weston digital.

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