Reverting to previous version of Internet Explorer

  [email protected] 18:59 22 Feb 2009

Trying to be clever I have downloaded Internet Explorer 8, thinking this would improve my internet performance! However, since then I have experienced a slowing up of my computer, the phishing protection I have keeps failing - and I am told this is because the Version 8 is still a trial version!!
Therefore, how do I get back to Version 7. I have tried downloading it, but get the message that I cannot continue because there is a more recent version installed.
I know now that I shouldn't meddle with things I don't understand, but can you help me get back on track, please?

  MAT ALAN 19:15 22 Feb 2009

You can uninstall it from the Add/Remove programs section in your control panel. This will roll you back to the previous version you had.

  LinH 21:15 22 Feb 2009

Removing it from Add/Remove only works with XP, if you have Vista you will have to uninstall it via the 'view updates' on the sidebar at left in the Control Panel window.


  LinH 21:18 22 Feb 2009


replace 'from' with 'using'.



  LinH 21:27 22 Feb 2009

Oh boy it's not my night tonight!

Forget the previous load of rubbish, in Vista you uninstall IE8 via the 'View intalled updates' at left in the Programs and Features window.


  [email protected] 22:26 22 Feb 2009

Many thanks for your help in resolving this problem.
Sounds easy when you explain it!!! - guess that's why I am in the Absolute Beginners!!
Thanks again.

  LinH 23:02 22 Feb 2009

No problem, we were all absolute beginners at one time!


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