Reversing XP's network connection wizard on W98

  Rich84 15:34 30 Oct 2003

While trying to connect a new laptop (running XP) to my home network, I ran the XP network connection wizard on my two PCs (both running W98). I have not been able to establish recognition of the laptop by the two PCs and have abandoned this ambition for the time being.
However, I am left with all sorts of rubbish on both PCs relating to ICS. Does anyone no of an antedote to the effects of this wizard?

  A_World_Maker 15:48 30 Oct 2003

Are you running a router, hub, switch? Is Windows98 the SE version? Do the two PC's connect using an adhoc network and a crossover cable? All these elements effect how a network are setup and operate. ICS = Internet Connection Sharing.

  spikeychris 15:49 30 Oct 2003
  Rich84 16:11 30 Oct 2003

I have just manually changed the IP address for the laptop (it was not a recognised address). As a result of this last change I can now see across the network. However I'm getting firewall alerts for 'run a dll as an app v. 4.10.98' everytime I boot up on the main pc. I'm sure this is to do with ICS. What is it doing? Can I just let it continue or does it need configuring in some way?

  spikeychris 16:55 30 Oct 2003

To remove IDS.ahh sorry hes already gone, to remove ICS Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
Double-click Add/Remove Programs, and then click the Windows Setup tab.
Click Internet Tools, and then click Details.
Click to clear the ICS check box, and then click OK.

  A_World_Maker 17:18 30 Oct 2003

Ummm.. if you remove the ICS.... how will you be able to gain access to the internet?????

  spikeychris 17:23 30 Oct 2003

You can't. He/she would have to enable it again, or use some third party software.

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