Reversing printing

  about:blank 21:37 04 Apr 2005

I know this is gonna sound kinda lame, but i cant find the option to reverse what im printing. I want it so that i can print out t-shirts (so they read correctly)
Windows XP pro
Full microsoft office 2003 suit
Or is there any free program for t-shirt making, ect

  VoG II 21:43 04 Apr 2005

click here's_Mirror_Image.html

  VoG II 21:44 04 Apr 2005

Try again click here

  jack 21:48 04 Apr 2005

A google search will reveal T shirt printing progs
Also I you havw the material it will givew help where to go for downloads.

A DIY wayis to use a photo editor program and use the Image file and select 'flip'
that is fine for images/photos/pictures.
For text use the same program. create a new inage
selct the text tool
type the massge in the picture area, add type style colour. etc., click save as. take the saved file. go to image and select flip.

If it is text only

go to word make a new document
Type your text
Go to Help and fimd out how to -Flip

  pj123 21:49 04 Apr 2005

MS Publisher also has "mirror image" printing facility.

Of course you need the right paper to print it on so that (I assume) when you iron it on it is the correct way round.

  about:blank 21:58 04 Apr 2005

Thanks, you would have thought in all the options in word 2003 there would have been a bit of a simpler way (believe me there a a few thousand options to choose from)
thanks guys

  Peter 00:10 05 Apr 2005


Usually these sort of options are available in the printer driver. Try looking under Page Layout (or something similar) in the printer driver properties. You may find options like Rotate or Mirror Image.


  westwit 00:18 05 Apr 2005

In Word 2003 open Draw menu, select Word Art (strange-looking 'A' on Draw menu bar at bottom next to text box). Create required text. Select your creation; then at bottom left of Draw menu bar go to 'Draw' box and from drop-down list select 'Rotate or Flip' > 'Flip Horizontal'. You should now have one piece of mirrored text.

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