rev0lt, bling,and csmss.exe

  scratch1011 12:38 08 Nov 2004

Hi all. Ive found bling but can't find sys32.exe or csmss.exe but they are running.
I cant delete bling because there is something else using it. When I find it in the registry I cant delete from there either.(no delete option) Ive tried installing anti virus programs but cant get them loaded. I am a novice when it comes to this sort of thing .Is getting rid of these things a job for the expert. The operating system is XP Thanks in advance .

  Graham ® 12:57 08 Nov 2004

The penny has dropped! You have viruses and trojans!

What have you used to find these?

  scratch1011 13:04 08 Nov 2004

Ive just looked for the files that people on here told me to look for but its getting rid of them thats the problem .Its not my pc and I use ME so the system is a little dificult to find my way round at the moment.

  Graham ® 13:15 08 Nov 2004

Try this Trojan remover first.

click here

You're going to have to put some protection on this PC pretty quick, or it will soon become infected again. Suggest you download some first and save on CD. That way you can load them without going on the net.

  Graham ® 13:16 08 Nov 2004

Once it's clean, that is.

  scratch1011 13:29 08 Nov 2004

It won't let me run any virus checkers at the moment so i need to delete the ones ive found first. Ive tried system restore and that worked for a while .

  Graham ® 14:58 08 Nov 2004

Now you've double-posted, which one would you like us to reply to? This one?

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