Returning my laptop to factory settings -

  ynohtna 09:31 12 Jul 2007

As i have several issues with my laptop that i cannot resolve (my newest one being that my wireless isnt working at home after installing a tiscali dial up account to use at my girlfriend - yes, i have checked the settings - twice!!), im seriously thinking about going back to factory settings and starting over. My main query is this... i have already got my music files saved onto an external hard drive. Once i have returned my laptop back to factory settings i will need to re-install / download Itunes. Is it just a case of dragging my music files from my exernal and dumping them on the itunes window or is it more complicated than that... yes, even in this day and age i still have no clue...... sorry!

  BurrWalnut 09:39 12 Jul 2007

It's a bit drastic to go back to factory settings!

Have a look in Internet Options, Connections Tab and check that 'Never dial....' is ticked.

  crosstrainer 10:50 12 Jul 2007

Most laptops have a restore partition on the hard drive, can you post back make and model of your machine?

  ynohtna 11:10 12 Jul 2007

I did all the never dial a number stuff, checked it twice, went thru the procedures disc that cameith the wireless router / wireless card.. it was working last week, but now it aint! I reall only use it for general browing and saving music so going back to the original settings shouldnt cause too much heartache. Its an Acer Aspire 1605LC

  crosstrainer 11:15 12 Jul 2007

An option to restore your factory settings. This can be found in your BIOS on boot-up.

Boot the machine and hit F2 or DEL to enter your BIOS screen.

Scroll through the various options until you find the restore factory settings option. Be aware that you will lose anything that has not been backed up if you run this process.

  Jackcoms 11:45 12 Jul 2007

"Once i have returned my laptop back to factory settings i will need to re-install / download Itunes"

Yes. Restore to factory settings does exactly what it says.

Anything and everything which you have put onto the laptop from the moment you got it out of the box will be lost and will have to be re-installed.

  Probabilitydrive 13:16 12 Jul 2007

if you do decide to re-install:

1) de-authorise your i-tunes first (i-tunes allows you to be installed on 5 computers/or 5 times)

2) after re-installation its just a matter of importing your library again to i-tunes


  drtyjerz 15:00 20 Mar 2008

I have a HP DV6000 w/vista. Very slow and my RAM is all gone. I want to boot to the factory settings but everytime I try I get an error saying I have to have a saving point first. How do I get to the factory settings thru boot?

  tullie 15:37 20 Mar 2008

The first thing to do is start your own thread,not hijack this one.

  drtyjerz 05:35 21 Mar 2008

Sorry about that

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