returning a HDD to Seagate?

  Ikelos 18:41 03 Apr 2006

hi, as a lot will know my laptops HDD slid off down the kermit yesterday, had it a while and can not find the receipt, i realize it is not the end of the world, but i thought i would email seagate, had a reply back asking me to get in touch with another Seagate dept, just wondered if anyone else had, "if it should come to it" sent a drive back to them, bearing in mind they seem to be in the USA..


  spuds 19:43 03 Apr 2006

Weigh up the cost. Post and packaging each way, then possible tax duties on top.If it is returned faulty, what then?.

Is there no way you can solve this problem in the UK!.

  phono 20:03 03 Apr 2006

I sent a drive back to them a number of years ago for replacement under warranty, if my memory serves me correctly it was sent to Southern Ireland and the replacement shipped from there as well.

Overall the cost was well worth it at the time, I am not sure if they still have a facility there though, something at the back of my mind tells me it may have closed, try a quick Google and see.

  Ikelos 20:11 03 Apr 2006

thanks for the replies, I checked the price of a new drive,and they are about £55, so, by going on your remarks, and it means sending over the water, i will think again....

  Stuartli 20:19 03 Apr 2006


click here

You won't get a new drive according to the main website, only a refurbished one.

  phono 20:19 03 Apr 2006

If the drive is under warranty you will only pay carriage to send it back to Seagate, not to get it back again, they may well even supply a drive of a larger capacity if they don't have one the same as yours in stock to replace it with.

I would at least price how much carriage would be and take it from there, I can't see the cost of carriage for a laptop drive being very big.

  Ikelos 20:28 03 Apr 2006

hi, thanks again, they seem to have a place in the uk in my first email to them i did put the serial number, and in their reply, they did say it was under warranty.

so we will see,

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