Return from standby, loss of connection

  Blackhat 11:30 20 Nov 2005

New computer, xp home sp2, blueyonder broadband. When restarting from stanby i have no connection to the internet? I have tried all check boxes in internet options, lan settings, network connections ect. turning off and on does not fix it only system resore. I did not have this problem on my old computer.

  Klof Ron 12:59 20 Nov 2005

Do ant of these help? click here

  Klof Ron 13:02 20 Nov 2005

ant??? sorry should be any

  Blackhat 13:40 20 Nov 2005

Thanks Klof Ron, I am working through various suggestions. No fix found yet.

  mgmcc 13:41 20 Nov 2005

How do you connect to the Cable Modem - USB or ethernet?

If you are using USB, I would suggest changing to ethernet unless there is a particular reason why you cannot do this. If an ethernet connection loses internet access, presumably due to losing its IP address while in standby, opening the Network Connections folder, double clicking the Local Area Connection, selecting the Support tab and clicking the Repair button should force the adapter to renew its IP address.

  Blackhat 14:16 20 Nov 2005

Using ethernet, already tried repair button, takes about 3 minutes to get message "could not renew IP address"

  Blackhat 14:25 20 Nov 2005

Additional info; using Panda platignum 2005 internet security, fully up to date with windows updates,

  Blackhat 14:45 20 Nov 2005

Also; I have unchecked the boxes "allow computer to turn off" in power management settings of everything related to connections. Still no fix?

  Taff™ 15:39 20 Nov 2005

Who is your ISP?

  Blackhat 18:06 20 Nov 2005

My ISP is Blueyonder (Telewest broadband)

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