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  Europa 19:34 22 Jul 2005

I am using outlook express for my emails and I have got a problem with sending back emails. I had a quote from kustomPCs for a system and I am trying to answer him back but whether I try to "reply" to the sender or start a new email altogether, it bounces back. It happened before, the first time it works allright, after that it "returns to sender". I am running AVG antivirus, my emails are checked for virus as they come. Could it be coming from that?

  Catastrophe 04:20 23 Jul 2005

Which ISP?

I have this with one ISP as they stopped sending email if you are on free package.



  Europa 11:00 23 Jul 2005

The ISP I use for my main email address is madasafish. I only got a pay as you go connection with them, this is not my main ISP. At first, it works fine, but if I got to correspond more than once or twice with the same email address, it seems to bounce back. I tried the reply feature in outlook express, it took the email address out of the address book, them I tried to send a new mail with the email address in the address book, then I tried another email address found in the email they sent me. All bounced back. I sent a email to the very first email I used to contact them, that one wasn't returned to the sender, but until I get an answer back, I don't know if they've received it. But something is wrong somewhere, it's not the first time that it happened.

  DieSse 16:01 23 Jul 2005

"bounced back"

Can you give the actual messages please - "bounced back" is not a very clear explanation.

  Europa 20:00 23 Jul 2005

Sorry if I wasn't more clear in my explanations. Actually, I had an answer from Kustom PCs who tried the email addresses that I told them I couldn't go through. They said they checked the accounts using external addresses and they both appear working fine. Meaning, I get an email telling me that a previous email I sent was "returned to sender". As I said, I may have accused some websites to not want to communicate in a proper manner with their customer when it may be the fault of my ISP, and I feel guilty about it. I have got a pay as you go package with the Madasafish ISP and I am using their email address assigned to me when I signed up as my default address in Outlook Express. I have another email address I can use instead of the Madasafish one. I will be trying it in my next communication with Kustompcs.

  DieSse 23:20 23 Jul 2005

I'm still not very clear what's actually happening to you.

The normal reason that emails cannot be delivered are that you have the wrong email addresss, or that the receiving ISP is treating your email as SPAM.

The exact message that you get is very important to try abd decide what is going on.

  Forum Editor 23:53 23 Jul 2005

email isn't normally bounced unless there's a problem with the destination address - either it doesn't exist, or you've misspelt it, or added or omitted a dot.

If correctly addressed mail is bounced it can mean that the recipient is using a spam detector, and has it set to bounce unknown inbounds.

  Europa 08:43 24 Jul 2005

If I had misspelt the email addresses, Jack from Kustompcs would have told me, as I wrote the two email addresses I was trying to use to contact him when I sent him the email yesterday through the [email protected] email address. I'll have to retry those two email addresses again to get the full message as I got the habit to delete straight away any email that is not important as I only got 20gb of hard drive on this computer.

  Europa 14:53 24 Jul 2005

Here goes the full message :

AVG For Email : Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender
This is the AVG E-mail Scanner program
I am sorry to have to inform you that the message returned below could not be delivered to one or more destinations.
[email protected] : relay not permitted.
Your e-mail message is being returned to you in the next part of this message. Try to send the message again. Should you need assistance, please contact your administrator or your internet service provider.
With it there is an attachment with my email.

I tried now to send the same email with my other email address. Does anyone knows why it's doing that? Is it a setting in the AVG program preventing the email to arrive at destination?

  DieSse 15:00 24 Jul 2005

"Relay not permitted"

is usually because you are trying to send through the SMTP account other than the ISP you are logged on with - this is normally not allowed.

  DieSse 15:02 24 Jul 2005

Also - some email accounts need to have the "this account requires authentification" box ticked in the account properties, otherwise they will not send to email addresses on other servers than their own.

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