Return my dell xps 420 for a arbico cd6750 or not?

  bristols_jim 16:07 11 Feb 2008

Afternoon people, need some advice, friday i recieved my new dell xps 420, seems a decent machine but im suprised at how much noise it makes and also the case seems abit filmsy which worries me and the monitor images dont seem the best either, my 8 year old compaq presario had a sharper screen image, iv tried all different screen resolutions aswell, anyways im considering sending this back for a refund and investing in a arbico cd6750 which has been tagged as a best buy from this place, heres a list of the components of both pcs first off is my dell 420

PROCESSOR - XPS 420 Viiv Intel® Processor Q6600 Quad Core™ 2.40GHz, 1066Mhz FSB, 8MB cache

MEMORY - 2048MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2x1024]

640GB Dual Hard Drive Raid 0 Stripe (2x320GB - 7200rpm)

GRAPHICS CARD - 256MB nVidia™ GeForce 8600GTS graphics card

OPTICAL DRIVE - 16x DVD+/-RW & 16x DVD Drives

OPERATING SYSTEM - Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium - English

MONITOR - 20-inch LCD FlatPanel Monitor TrueLife™ technology

Standard Warranty - Base Warranty - 1 Year XPS Premium Hardware Support (incl. Gaming and On-Site Support)
also other little bits and bobs and cost me £778, now for the arbico cd6750

PROCESSOR - Intel core 2 duo e6750 cpu

MEMORY - 4gb kingston 667mhz pc5300 ddr2 ram

PRIMARY HARD DRIVE - 320 gb sata 2 7200r pm hard drive

GRAPHICS CARD - 1024 mb nvidia 8600 gt

OPTICAL DRIVE - quiet samsung 20 x dual layer dvd +/- rewriter

OPERATING SYSTEM - Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium - English

POWER SUPPLY - quiet coolmaster 460 watt dual 12vrail psu

Heatsink & Cpu Fan -silent scythe cpu heatsink and fan for reduced noise & extra cooling


WARRANTY - 2 year return to base warranty - comes to around £840

what also worries me with this dell is that its not very upgradeable but the parts that are i have to go through dell which can be pricey so iv read, would you say the arbico's will be easier to upgrade in the future ? what you guys think ?

  Pamy 16:14 11 Feb 2008

Not sure about the Arbico, but are you sure you can have a refund for the resons you state?

  bristols_jim 16:24 11 Feb 2008

think i can because iv only had it 4 days and you can return the pc for any reason within the 7 day cooling off period it says on there site, sure theres some trick in there though that rules me out of it lol

  anskyber 16:33 11 Feb 2008

The upgradability issue, to the extent that it is true, was known to you before you bought the Dell.

The Arbico may be a good machine but in common with other mags the best buy tag is a best buy of the machines they have tested, it does not automatically make it better than the Dell.

The specs in some ways are meaningless since there are advantages and disadvantages of both. quad core with the Dell only dual core with the Arbico for example. the same goes for other components and a lot depends on what you want your PC for.

  bristols_jim 16:47 11 Feb 2008

no the ugradability issue was not known to me beforehand but that shouldnt be an issue anyways because they state - Consumers may cancel their Orders for any reason until, but no later than the end of the 7th "working day" anyways you think if i upgraded this 420 from a 256mb nvidia 8600 gts to a single 512mb 8800 gt graphic card that it will improve my screen graphics a air bit ? and basically im just looking for a good all rounder.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:59 11 Feb 2008

I have upgraded/changed/messed about with many Dells and they are easy to work on. The rumours about them being difficult, I suspect, are trotted out by people who have never had one or are somewhat inept in the practical department.

I would try fiddling about with the monitor/graphics card settings as Samsungs coupled with your card are excellent partners. You will get used to the image as you are probably still relating to your other computer and if it is any help I would have definitely chosen the Dell over the Arbico.


  bristols_jim 17:15 11 Feb 2008

Thanks gandolf that does help, think im going to have a chat with the tech support guys to see if i can upgrade graphics will also look into a samsung monitor just not yet, im skint after buying this package lol cheers

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