The return of 0.25mbps broadband...

  SirMetal 04:49 13 Apr 2010

I not long ago posted a thread about how slow my internet connection was. You can find this thread here click here

Here is a screen shot from the speedtest website, just to give you guys an idea of what kind of HELL I have to put up with click here

Any ideas?


  morddwyd 05:29 13 Apr 2010

While I have no problem this time of the day, well over 6meg, in the evening it drops to less than 500k.

This site is really difficult, and frequently times out.

I'm with O2.

Funnily enough, I didn't have the same problem with the much maligned Orange.

  Terry Brown 07:26 13 Apr 2010

Would it be possible to un-install the 02 software and re-load (via their CD ?).
This may cure the problem, however it seems you are not alone- see link
click here


  jack 08:47 13 Apr 2010

Has to do with with many factors.
here are some
Distance from exchange- [that is the cable route not straight line- follow the main roads on a map to get an idea]
The connectivity[number of subscribers to your ISP] in your area/exchange-The Local Loop Unbundling [LLU] equipment will have to work harder in busy times switching the connection to send packets to the particular ISPs- the more popular[busy] providers will slow as traffic builds.
Pick a smaller[less popular] ISP and you may get better connectivity.
I am on 'upto 8' and seldom go below 5 with my ISP
Which one is that - As if I would tell - then you all would want some and I will be in the same pickle as you.

  woodchip 08:57 13 Apr 2010

Try turning your Router off for 2 minutes then back on

  ^wave^ 09:13 13 Apr 2010

i had lots of probs with my old isp pipex which became tiscali. i had great speed from midnight to 4pm then is died after numerous visits from bt engineers who found nothing wrong i left and went to sky never looked back. you may just have to find a better isp

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