Retrieving your emails from someother p.c.

  Kingfisher 17:59 17 Jun 2003

I hope this is not a silly question, can you retrieve your emails from another p.c. i.e an internet cafe for example whilst on holiday

  hoverman 18:08 17 Jun 2003

My first reaction would be yes. If you can log on to your ISP's website from an internet cafe then you only need your username and password to access your e-mail. I have done it via my son-in-law's PC.

  Steinman 18:09 17 Jun 2003

Depends on type of email you use. If Web based accounts like Yahoo or NTL World then yes you can.Just log in to their home page & then use your email addy / account name & password. Have a nice holiday!!

  anchor 19:37 17 Jun 2003

Here are two possibilities:

The easiest is: click here

Another, for which you need to know your pop3 server host name

click here

  dth 19:43 17 Jun 2003

yes - most isp's let you use web mail and you can use this to pick up your email on any p/c. For example my ISp is BT - so I just visit the website and enter my codes.

  Belatucadrus 19:49 17 Jun 2003

You could also use i.scribe, it's a small e-mail program that can be run from a floppy disk, you do have to set the pop3 settings manually click here . I like it so much I left Outlook express off and put scribe on my laptop as default e-mail prog after my recent reformat.

  golfpro 19:50 17 Jun 2003

Yep just type in the web address of your s/p or Email provider(Yahoo, Hotmail etc.) click on mail, enter your details and bingo.

  powertool 20:41 17 Jun 2003

if you use AOL you can go to the ""
website and log in from there to read your e-mail.

  keith-236785 23:38 17 Jun 2003

Dont forget to log off though, and if you can, clear out the history.

have a good holiday mate

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:05 18 Jun 2003

Forget the rest of the you need is click here ;-))


  DieSse 09:59 18 Jun 2003

I don't think an Internet café is going to allow you to run or install anything!!!

Webmail is the normal solution - almost every ISP (whats' yours?) has the facility for you to see, print, reply and create email, directly from your regular mailbox, via their website.

Nothing extra needed at all.

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