retrieving a stuck dvd

  mco 23:07 10 Jan 2007

I'm not imagining this and I'm not drunk! Put a dvd into dvd drive of laptop just now ready to load up new program - and it's disappeared. If you click the dvd icon it just says 'please insert dvd' but there is a dvd in there somewhere. I suspect it has slipped over the top and slid right into the laptop, beyond the actual slot of the dvd 'tray'. Is it possible for that to happen? In which case, is there an easy way to retrieve it? Can I physically remove the dvd tray to see if it will come out? (I've tried turning the laptop upside down and shaking but to no avail!)

  fitshase 23:17 10 Jan 2007

Check the underside of the laptop to see if any of the parts (HDD, DVD, Battery, etc) are easily removable - they may have clips holding them in so they are easily swapped.

This way you can see if there is a DVD languishing in the depths of the laptop and where it is.

Other than that, without disassembling the laptop (warranty problems?), I would suggest taking it to a repair shop / local computer shop for advice.

  Technotiger 23:20 10 Jan 2007

Hi, I don't have a laptop, so I don't know if it has a similar emergency tray open system. On all towers there are pinholes in the front of the cd/dvd drives, which allow something like a straightened paper-clip to be pushed into the hole to release a jammed tray. Have a look to see if your laptop has the same.

Make sure laptop of course is switched off.

  mco 23:32 10 Jan 2007

There is a pin hole thing actually - but the tray isn't jammed - it opens fine but with no dvd! It must have gone beyond the tray.

  mco 23:39 10 Jan 2007

I can see where it is now. It is stuck above the actual metal holding for the dvd tray. The dvd works fine with another dvd as it isn't actually in that area. I need to work out what's the best piece of equipment to prise it out. I daresay the dvd will be damaged(pity- it was PCA's subscriber gift of Britannica 2006!) but there must a better implement than a kitchen knife!

  Ho-Lin-Sok 23:43 10 Jan 2007

Can you use a bit of stiff wire with a right angle at the end to get in the central hole and tug it out

  mco 23:57 10 Jan 2007

Thanks for that idea - will try tomorrow when I'm awake!

  David4637 13:10 11 Jan 2007

Be careful with the bit of bent wire, you may hook a component and then be in deep trouble. You may decide to leave it in there, its not currently doing any harm- its not conductive. A repair might cost more than the lappies worth. David

  mco 18:27 11 Jan 2007

the laptop's less than a month old -it was my Christmas present to myself! You're probably right to leave it, as it's not doing any harm; I'm just narked that I lost the dvd as it was my free subscribers gift and I was just curious as to what it was like! Will tick this as resolved now.

  Weskit 18:39 11 Jan 2007

Gently with a pair of tweezers, perhaps with a small bit of bluetac on one prong?...

  john-232317 18:51 11 Jan 2007

Take it back to the shop and tell them the laptop dvd player is not doing what you bought it for, to play dvds, this might happen everytime you use it.

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